Get a free heart-shaped pan when you shop Le Creuset’s winter sale

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TL;DR: Le Creuset’s Winter Savings Event takes up to $200 off signature cast iron dutch ovens and skillets. Spend over $200 and get a free heart-shaped cakelet pan in time for Valentine’s Day.

There’s an unspoken rule that Valentine’s Day gifts have to have a wow factor. The occasional gift guide will try to steer you in the direction of avoiding clichés and grabbing something cheap, and those ideas can be romantic when done right.

But when it’s a big anniversary or you need to make up for a bombed holiday gift, Valentine’s Day is the time to make a big move. 

A dish from Le Creuset is essentially a status symbol for foodies and makes a way better gift than expensive jewelry. Le Creuset is conveniently in the midst of its Winter Savings Event, saving you up to $250 on its iconic cast iron skillets, dutch ovens, and more. If you spend $200 (you probably will), a free heart-shaped cakelet pan will be thrown in with your purchase.

Wigging out at the thought of anyone spending $200 on a casserole dish? The high prices will actually probably save you some money over the next decade. Le Creuset’s prices are a reflection of the meticulous enamel layering process that each piece goes through before being examined by hand. Some passionate chefs might even look past the price simply because the color offerings match their very specific kitchen aesthetics, but more practical shoppers can find relief in that this pan will last 10 years.

Get a free heart-shaped pan when you shop Le Creuset's winter sale

Image: le creuset

Here are a few of our favorite items in the sale list: 

You can also save 40% on metal bakeware and 30% on glassware (*hint wine hint*) as part of the Valentine’s Day savings.

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