Can you match Billie Eilish’s high notes?

Can you hit the same notes as iconic singers? 

Hit the High Notes, a game from, mostly involves shrieking into your computer’s poor, overworked mics. The game is entirely browser-based, so there’s no need for add-ons. It starts with a warm-up note, and challenges players with progressively higher notes from history’s groundbreaking artists to pop stars, each one more difficult to hit.

“You get to scream at your browser and feel a bit silly,” game designer Matt Round said in a Twitter DM. “Whether you’re a good or terrible singer, you’re probably going to hit your limit, start making weird noises, and feel ridiculous.”

Can you match Billie Eilish's high notes?

Image: screenshot via

Can you match Billie Eilish's high notes?

Image: screenshot via

Here’s a hilarious, even if painful, attempt at playing Hit the High Note.

Round himself can’t sing, which made testing his code for pitch detection “rather tricky.” 

“Whenever I tried it myself it upset the dog,” he said. 

He got around it by using a synth app on his phones and using records of singers themselves. All in all, he says he still turns to browser games for a fun, easy way to have fun since coding and maintaining apps takes too much effort. 

“I’m stubbornly trying to help keep the daft-web-game genre going,” Round said, referring to silly browser games. 

If you have a need to scream — because really, who doesn’t — check out Hit the High Note.

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